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Back Yard Poultry Products

We have a selection of products that are available at our farm which include other poultry food, poultry supplies, egg cartons, chicken manure,  straw and saw dust.



We stock plain grey egg cartons in dozens or trays. Our dozens packs have 150 dozen cartons for $50 and the tray packs have 80 trays each holding 30 eggs for $20. Please call the office on 03 9739 1460 to check availability.


We stock alternative poultry feed to suit you and your poultry needs. We have pellets available for your point of lay ladies as we as crumble to cater to your baby and growing chickens.

Also in our stock feed store is sawdust for your coop floor and straw for nesting boxes. 

Try the poultry manure on your gardens and watch them thrive. $5 a bag or $35 for a standard 6x4 trailer. Please call our office for loading days. 



Our Poultry shop stocks most of your backyard chicken needs. There are drinkers and feeders to cater for baby chicks to multiple chickens. We also stock the Australian made Chooktred. 

Our shop also has fake eggs for those broody girls, treatment for mites and worms, shellgrit to supplement your girls feed and smaller 10kg bags of our Wagners Mash.

While you are looking around check out our range of giftware available.

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